Holistic Nutrition is both a preventative measure and a means to improve existing health issues you may be suffering with. While conventional medical treatment often involves drug treatment to suppress symptoms (and to deal with subsequent side effects of the initial drugs), a more holistic approach searches for the underlying root causes of ill-health – especially taking into account that the fact that poor nutrition and lifestyle habits can be a major contributor to a wide range of health issues – and seeks to help you regain your health with supportive, effective, natural means.

Our Nutritionist’s are passionate about empowering people to become active participants in creating and nurturing their own health and wellbeing, believing in the power of the body and mind to heal itself, if it is supported in the right way. They make sure you know and understand why a certain protocol is recommended, and exactly how to go about it. To that end, they work in partnership with you, taking a comprehensive history and listening to your unique health journey and goals, works to identify imbalances within the body and then provides an individualised treatment plan or protocol that outlines both nutritional and lifestyle modifications, in order to help you achieve optimal health. Each plan includes a series of follow-up appointments. Long-lasting change takes commitment dedication, time, and careful monitoring to make sure you’re on the right track, which is why holistic nutrition programs usually require at least a 6 week or 12 week investment.

Even if you are only experiencing something as common as headache, PMS, acid reflux, constipation, joint pain, or bloating after meals, these symptoms are red flags, letting you know that all is not well. It’s important to pay attention to these warnings. If you simply suppress them with medications, they might seem to go away, but they will likely return later – with “friends”!
Our Nutritionist’s works with many clients on a wide variety of issues: digestive issues, insomnia, fatigue, recovery from concussion or other trauma, mild depression or anxiety, food allergies and sensitivities, hormonal issues, skin problems, infertility, blood sugar management, hight cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight loss, autoimmune disease, cognitive decline, and more. Our Nutritionist’s have used everything they now teach to recover from and prevent serious health issues and reclaim their own health in the past. They now enjoy great mental and physical health!
As well, clients may seek Our Nutritionist’s knowledge and support in working to lower or discontinue pharmaceutical medications (where appropriate), improve heart health after a heart attack, prevent heart disease, prevent and reverse dementia, enhance athletic performance, recover after surgery, recover from cancer and its treatments, improve energy, have the best prenatal and post-natal health possible, learn how to feed a baby and eat healthily as a family, ensuring that special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten, dairy, or sugar free, etc., are the most delicious and nutritious as possible, or they just want to be their best possible selves! Don’t we all want to live into our old age as independently as possible, with all our faculties intact? Our Nutritionist’s believe this is absolutely possible, if we take dedicated care of our health now!

Intake appointment $120 (90 min. – 2hrs)
Protocol delivery $120 (90 min. – 2 hrs)
Follow-up appointments:
1/2 hr $35 (or 3 for $95)
45 min. $50 (or 3 for $135)
1 hr $70 (or 3 for $190)
6 week Lifestyle program (general advice & support for healthy diet and lifestyle practices) Includes intake appointment, protocol delivery, handouts, recipes, email and
telephone support, and 3 hours worth of follow-up appointments. $420

12 week Optimal Health program (working on a particular health concern/issue in depth and working to get to the root cause) Includes longer intake appointment, much more indepth
research and protocol delivery, handouts, recipes, email and telephone support, and 6 x 45min. follow-up appointments. $780

6 month Optimal Health program (for complex health issues that will take longer to resolve, or if you have several health concerns/issues that you know you want to address,
this can be a good option, as it saves you paying for the 12 week program twice) Includes everything in the 12 week program x 2. $1,380

12 month Optimal Health program – as above, & everything in the 12 week program x 4 $2,000

Additional 6 weeks for anyone who has done one of my programs already – $360
Additional 12 weeks for anyone who has done one of my programs already – $690