Golf Kinetics

The popularity of golf has exploded over the past few years and one thing we have come to realize is this: it is a sport that places significant demands on the body and leads to injuries. In fact, approximately 60% of golfers will suffer a golf-related injury at some point in their golfing life and 20-30% of these will become chronic!

So what is Golf Kinetics?

It is a golf injury prevention, education and rehabilitation program designed by healthcare professionals in consultation with golf pros and based on sound scientific research. It was started here at Back On Track because we saw the need for this service and a few of our physiotherapists love the game and are avid golfers.

What is Involved?

Individualized Golf Assessments which include:

  • a full body strength, flexibility, and biomechanical analysis
  • videotaping of your golf swing
  • biomechanical swing analysis based on ongoing research
  • customized golf-specific exercise and conditioning program
  • individualized treatment program (if necessary)

The first visit is the assessment and videotaping session. Then one follow-up visit is booked to go over the findings, educate the client on the results of our analysis and give our recommendations, and then to go through the exercise program in detail. The program is tailored to meet that client’s specific needs and abilities. Some clients then choose to book a second follow-up visit (4 to 8 weeks later) to make sure all is going well, to assess for improvements, and to get progressions in the exercise program.

The goal of the program is to target your golf muscles, get your body “golf-ready”, and optimize your performance while reducing the risk of injury. There have been several studies showing increased driving distance/accuracy, increased clubhead speed, and lower handicaps due to improved golf fitness.

Did You Know:

Professional golfers have the highest incidence of low back pain compared to all other professional athletes
back problems are also the #1 injury amongst recreational golfers – usually due to poor technique poor fitness, or improper warm-upĀ if you are having an injury treated but a swing fault has NOT been addressed, chances are the injury will not heal fully or it will recur as you continue to golf.

Back On Track also offers In-House presentations and educational seminars on golf injury and fitness at your club or association meetings. We’ll once again be at the Ottawa Golf Show in March as we’ve been for the past 3 years. As well, Back On Track was the on-site physiotherapists for the CPGA’s Eagle Creek Classic for 3 years; it’s unfortunate our city no longer has this CPGA event.

So if you’re a golfer who: suffers the same nagging problem each season, wants to improve your game and lower your score, train your body with a golf-specific exercise program, and prevent injury while staying healthy the whole season – come see us for your Golf Kinetics program.

Team Training

Back On Track offers team training in the clinic. Circuit training, core training, aerobic conditioning, agility and flexiblity training are all part of the program.