Abhijit Minhas

Registered Physiotherapist

After completing his Bachelors of Physiotherapy (2010) and working for about a year in India, Abhijit went on to pursue his Masters in exercise science from Long Island University, USA (2013). Following his Masters, he practiced in outpatient physical therapy in New York City for about 3.5 years where he saw patients with different orthopedic and sports related injuries.

He has a keen interest in continuing education and has done a number of courses to improve his knowledge in the field of rehabilitation. Abhijit has completed both upper and lower quadrants of the mulligan concept and successful passed the Certification exam and is a Certified Mulligan Practitioner. He has taken Kinesiotape courses at K-Active, Rocktape fascial movement taping, NKT level one course, IASTM course from advanced CEU (USA) and advanced shoulder rehab course. He has a keen interest in the Mechanical diagnosis and treatment and plans to take his McKenzie part A course soon.

In his spare time, he likes to keep active by biking, kayaking, working out and writing his physiotherapy blog.


Marc-Andre Dauth

Personal Trainer

Marc-Andre Dauth is originally from Alfred, a beautiful Ontarian community. At the age of 14, he discovered that nutrition and fitness were his passions, which he pursued throughout education. His learning is based on courses like the JumpStart Muscle Activation Techniques Certification, the Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist Internship Program; additionally, he completed a certification in Personal Training and Nutrition while working on his Business and Finance career.

In 2014, he inaugurated My Rock Bottom Fitness to offer Nutrition, Personal Training, and sports-specific training to the public. His work philosophy focuses on helping and supporting his clients so they can keep an active and pain-free life.

Marc-Andre competed as a bodybuilder for 11 years and participated in tournaments organized by associations like WNSO, FAME, OPA, where he accomplished regional and provincial titles as a professional athlete. During this time, he learned about the Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), which significantly impacted his muscle development, athletic performance, and reduced his levels of injury.

For the past five years, Marc-Andre has practiced Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). It became the cornerstone of his services and practices, which he incorporates to the individual needs of his clients. His approach consists on improving the operational aspect, muscle mobility, and flexibility of his clients. As a result, his patients can immediately notice an improvement on their mobility, flexibility, stability, which leads to the reduction of chronic pain originated by previous sport or any life-related injury.

Marc-Andre is continuously updating his techniques and learning to improve his practices.


Marc-André Dauth est originaire d’Alfred, un beau village communautaire en Ontario. À l’âge de 14 ans, il découvre que la nutrition et l’entraînement sont pour lui des passions et il poursuivra plus tard ses études dans ces domaines. Son apprentissage est basé principalement sur la technique du « JumpStart Muscle Activation » duquel il détient une certification comme entraîneur personnel tout en se concentrant sur sa carrière d’entreprise et finance.

En 2014, il fonde « My Rock Bottom Fitness » afin d’offrir des programmes de nutrition, d’entraînement personnel et du sport au grand public. Sa philosophie est d’aider et soutenir ses clients pour que ceux-ci puissent mener une vie active et sans douleur.

Marc-André a compétitionné en tant que culturiste pendant 11 ans. Il a participé à des tournois organisés par des associations tels que WNSO, FAME et OPA dans lesquels il a décroché des titres régionaux et provinciaux en tant qu’athlète professionnel. Pendant cette période de temps, il a approfondi ses connaissances dans le domaine du « Muscle Activation Techniques » (MAT), portant un grand impact dans le développement de sa musculation, dans sa performance athlétique tout en réduisant le risque de blessures.

Dans les cinq dernières années, Marc-André a pratiqué le « Muscle Activation Techniques ». C’est devenu la pierre angulaire dans ses pratiques et ses services tout en l’incorporant dans les besoins personnels de ses clients. Son approche consiste à améliorer l’aspect opérationnel, la mobilité de la musculature de même que la flexibilité de ses clients. Ceci fait en sorte que ses clients peuvent remarquer, assez rapidement, une amélioration avec leur mobilité, leur flexibilité, leur stabilité, ce qui a pour effet de réduire la douleur chronique provenant de blessures reliées aux sports ou du passé du client.

Marc-André recherche continuellement à améliorer ses techniques et actualiser ses apprentissages, toujours dans le but de perfectionner sa pratique.