Osteopathic Manual Therapy is skilled palpation where an ‘Osteopath’ will assess and treat different areas for position and mobility. This includes but is not limited to: organs, fluids, the spine, the spinal cord, the brain, the dura, fascia, muscles, bones, arteries, nerves, veins, the cranio-sacral areas and all systems.

Osteopathy can help newborns, infants, children, teens, adults and seniors. Patients seek Osteopathic Treatment for a number of different conditions including: pre&post natal care, pre&post operative care,
ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, sport injuries, tendinitis, sprains, strains, inflammatory conditions, systemic conditions, post concussive treatment and many more.

A CanAdian trained Osteopath will have 5 to 7 years additional training. Since Osteopathy is not yet a regulated health profession in Canada, it is important to ask the Osteopath what type of training they have had to insure safe treatment with results.