What is RPG?

RPG is a treatment approach specific to physiotherapists that aims to evaluate and manually treat the human body as a whole. The goal is to track back from the symptoms to the cause by following the muscular chains, and correcting it little by little.

Initial assessment

The first visit consists of a one hour session to evaluate the symptoms, the muscle retractions and the overall posture to determine specific treatment positions according to the patient’s needs.

Following appointments

RPG sessions occur once per week, are 60 minutes long and typically include 2-3 different treatment positions. A gradual tension is applied to different muscular chains along with manual therapy and well controlled breathing for better overall muscular, joint and spinal control.

What can RPG treat?

RPG can treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, such as:

· Postural syndromes (Scoliosis, Scheuermann’s Disorder, hyperlordosis, etc.)
· Acute and chronic low back and neck pain, with or without leg or arm symptoms.
· Injuries from motor vehicle accidents or Sports related injuries.
· Neurological spastic disorders from conditions like multiple sclerosis or stroke.
· Chronic pain from conditions like arthritis.
· and much more!

Benefits of RPG

· Decreased or elimination of pain; Improved overall function.
· Improved flexibility and overall mobility.
· Improved postural awareness and muscular control.
· Long term injury prevention.