Back on Track is excited to offer the Bioflex laser technology as a treatment option for our patients. The Bioflex laser is used to treat soft tissue injuries such as tendinitis, tendinosis, muscle strains, muscle tears, ligament sprains, ligament tears and cartilage damage. Laser therapy also reduces pain and swelling at the injury site. These effects are achieved by stimulating cell regeneration and tissue growth, increasing blood flow to the injury site, and increasing re-absorption of scar tissue and excessive fluid.

At Back on Track Laser therapy is covered by health insurance plans because it is administered by a physiotherapist as part of physiotherapy treatment.

The cost is 50$ per 1/2 hour session. Treatments on peripheral sites (shoulder/elbow/knee/foot) are 30 minutes in duration and spinal sites (low back) are 60 minute sessions.

For more information visit the Bioflex Website at: